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1. What strengths do you have that would make you a good Parent Guide? Be specific.

2. What information was helpful to you in making decisions about your own child’s communication mode?

3. How did you find that information?

4. What is your bias in regard to communication options for children who are deaf and hard of hearing?

5. What challenges have you experienced in raising your child who is deaf or hard of hearing?

6. What have you found to be supportive for you?

Please list two references. One reference should be an educational professional with whom your have worked on your child’s IFSP/IEP or services for your child. Each reference must complete the Parent Guide Letter of Reference.

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By submitting this form online, you understand that completion and selection for the Guide By Your Side program requires a commitment of time, motivation and energy. Individuals selected as a Parent Guide are required to attend a training sessions and commit to participating in the program for a minimum of one year.

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